Cowhide Rugs: Add a bold yet natural tone to your space

Cowhide Rugs: Add a bold yet natural tone to your space

Traditionally, cowhide rugs have been viewed as a polarizing product in home design. Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying that they are incredibly versatile when it comes to interior design.

Their durability is unmatched and they can take a beating like no other. In addition, cowhide is really hard to stain-as long as you wash it immediately after spills. They're a great choice for high-traffic areas or for adding an organic element to an otherwise straight room.

Listed below you can see how this durable stunner looks in a range of aesthetics.

Add an element of warmth to any room

(Image credit: D.K.)

"Fairly priced accent rug, perfect little addition to our nursery," says D.K., one of our online customers, "The only thing worth noting to prospective buyers, the hi-def printed pattern is so realistic in the photos that I assumed that it would come with real hair for the mane."

NO animals were slaughtered for the production

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"Perfect for this space, I love the thickness, it lay nice and flat and less of a tripping hazard. A super cute alternative to an actual rug. Soft to the touch and feels durable."

Every year, millions of animals are slaughtered to produce skin for a variety of products, and for homeowners who don't want real animal skins, faux sheepskins and cowhide rugs provide an affordable substitute.

"Perfect for a little desk area and great for under the wheels of a chair. It does have a felt like nap bit because it’s low," says another customer. The simple shape of the hide or the fluffy texture of hide skin can soften a modern space.

Layer on the Bias

(Image credit:Drenise)

"This rug is looks great.. a bit small where I want it.. I will be getting a second one. It’s on thinner side but perfect to layer with. I love it and definitely recommend it." 

Of course, the unexpected contrast of weaving and printing can surprise guests, but when done well, layered carpets can be popular in a fun way and practically contract the space.

The trick is to choose patterns and colors that complement each other but are still sufficiently different.

Go wild over this glam jungle space inspiration

(Image credit:M. Guereca)
"Wonderful for my kids corner at my therapy office! It’s a glam jungle theme and goes perfectly!" 
Featuring intricate realistic zebra print with enticing tones, this stylish and elegant cowhide rug is guaranteed to bring a sense of relaxing rainforest style to any living area or bedroom.
(Image credit:Southern Belle)
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