Farmhouse Style Rugs

Farmhouse Style Rugs

Most of us have been spending more and more time at home, and we are getting just a little tired of our dated living spaces. If you want to update your living areas, there are numerous ways to do it. A farmhouse style rug is a great way to liven up any room!

Farmhouse style means what?

Over the last few years, farmhouse style homes have become increasingly popular. Farmhouse style, popularized by Joanna Gaines, introduces rustic features and warmth of traditional design combined with chic modern touches. A farmhouse-style home, Martha Stewart says, feels "homey." Comfort is a major component of a farmhouse style home. As the need to feel comfortable at home continues to grow, these rugs have stood out as a way for designers to create a feeling of home. With farmhouse style, you can have a homey, casual feeling, while still adding a certain bit of class to any room. There are a wide variety of styles that are easily adapted to your personal taste and color scheme.

Adding reclaimed wood furniture, leather accents, and farmhouse style rugs fills your room with comfort and warmth. Don't forget to add plants or antique finds to create a rustic feel! Always think about re-purposing and practicality when planning your farmhouse style; and farmhouse furniture is all about re-purposed items! Make sure your furniture arrangement is functional as well. The practicality of farmhouse style comes first, followed closely by the style.

Farmhouse style features clean lines and sharp colors, as evidenced by any Fixer-Upper home from Joanna Gaines. Use bright, neutral colors with a rustic feel to bring it out. A farmhouse area rug can blend pastel colors and antique woods to provide a country feel. Besides whites, browns, greys, and light blues, farmhouse rugs go well with browns, beige, and white.

First Impressions Count

You can create a cozy atmosphere in your home by setting the tone with a rug. Not only should you select a carpet that enhances the look of your home, but there should also be a quality rug that can withstand the high amount of foot traffic your carpet is bound to receive. The entryway can be enhanced with a small Skyler Rug or Runner and the living room can benefit from a larger version. This runner will look beautiful in any entryway, no matter how wide or how narrow it is.

Farmhouse style rugs define spaces

It's becoming increasingly important to define spaces as open floor plans become more popular. Your living room can benefit from having a farmhouse style area rug to differentiate it from your kitchen. This can also be a wonderful way to add personality to an apartment and give the illusion of more space by creating two rooms out of one. If you want to add a bit of class to your open space, consider a light Gallery Area Rug.

Add a Splash of Color

You can easily introduce a new color scheme into a dull room with area rugs. Any room can be revamped simply by switching up the color scheme without having to redecorate completely. We offer bright colors in our Pygmalion Collection and Alexandria Rugs to brighten your room and lift your mood. If you have a room mostly filled with whites, grays, and blacks, a vintage-faded colored rug can add a hint of sunshine, but it can also give your room a touch of modern flair. Rugs inspired by Persia can instantly change up your color palette and work well with brown furniture and leather. With brighter rooms, you will feel completely captivated by your home! There is nothing like being at home to make you feel more comfortable and at ease. 

Retreat Yourself

The right rug can transform your bedroom into a tranquil, spa-like retreat. A good bedroom rug will give you a good night's sleep. To maximize the rugs' softness, many designers suggest going with extra-large ones. Neutral-colored rugs do wonders for warming up any area, especially when paired with pillows and blankets that match. Additionally, jewel-toned rugs can brighten up a primarily white room without being overpowering. 

Get cozy


By adding an accent corner to your living room or foyer, you will create a small reading nook. Make a cozy retreat in your house by placing the Kitten Shape Rug in a corner of your house and adding a cute accent chair, potted plant, and small side table. A 1'5"x2'22" Fluffy Doormat, Bath Mat, Cats Shape can also be placed diagonally in a small space alongside a cute chair to create a truly unique environment. A cozy nook with a cup of tea sounds like the perfect place to relax. It will pay off if you have bright natural light for your accent corner!

Remember to Complement

Generally, when choosing large area rugs, keep in mind that all of them should complement each other if they are visible at the same time from any one place in the home. Choosing rugs that complement one another and that have the same color scheme will work great! Another way to achieve this cohesiveness is by combining a circular rug and a rectangular rug. Do not be afraid to stray from your usual style when it comes to rugs in rooms far apart from each other!

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