How to Choose the Best Rug Material?

How to Choose the Best Rug Material?

Rugs are made from a variety of different fibers, such as nylon, wool, acrylic, cotton or polyester. Silk and leather are less common, but they are definitely worth considering if you desire a rich appearance. There are a lot of options available today, but the fibers used in the rug play a very important role in how it will look and last as well as how stain resistant it will be.

A natural fiber, such as wool, is usually a better choice when it comes to durability and quality. Nevertheless, synthetic fibers have the advantage of being easily affordable and now offer a variety of choices. What is the best material for a rug? The answer depends on a number of factors.

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How Will You Place Your Rug?

Where you place the rug could have a big impact on your choice. Does the rug belong in the entryway or a corner of the living room? Will it be hung on the wall? The placement of your rug will determine how much foot traffic it will receive.

The placement of a very expensive wool rug in an entryway might not be a great idea, but these rugs will give the living room or bedroom a very luxurious look when placed in a protected area. 

If placed in high traffic areas such as entrances, bamboo rugs are likely to last for a very long time even though they are not very soft.

Have you decided how the rug will be used?

What kind of use will your rug receive? Is it a heavily trafficked area or is it primarily displayed in a less-used part of the building? How about pets and children? Consider using a synthetic fiber like nylon or polypropylene if it is going to be subjected to rough use. In areas subject to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens, you may prefer a mildew-resistant synthetic material such as acrylic. In this case, wool, which absorbs moisture, is not a suitable material.

What is the look and feel you want?

What kind of look are you aiming for? Would you like a particular texture? The way you use your rug depends on this. Despite synthetic fibers, especially nylon, offering a wide range of colors and textures, the look and feel of a natural fiber rug will differ.

The look of a sisal rug would be very different from the look of a silk rug even within natural fibers. A synthetic material, such as chenille, offers a silk-like appearance and texture, but it may not be suitable for an area that receives a great deal of foot traffic. 

Choose the rug quality you want

What kind of quality are you looking for? Would you like the rug to retain its value over time? A wool rug or a silk rug might be a better choice. You can choose rugs in less expensive natural fibers, such as cotton or jute, or you can choose from an endless variety of choices in synthetic fibers, such as nylon, acrylic or polypropylene.

Set a budget

Budget is important. What is your budget for a quality rug? The price of a natural fiber rug such as silk or wool can be significantly higher than that of a synthetic rug. In the present, if you just need an attractive floor covering and are not concerned with the quality, a synthetic fiber would be a better choice. Depending on the look you desire, cotton, sisal, or jute are also less costly options.

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