How to Keep Rugs From Sliding

How to Keep Rugs From Sliding

Crawling, curling, and sliding rugs are not only unsightly, they are also dangerous.The simplest solution is to get rid of all the rugs and eliminate the hazards. However, area rugs and mats add character and warmth to hard floors, and they help absorb sound. Using the following 7 tips, you can keep the looks and comfort of your rugs on hard surfaces and carpets.

1. Rubber Waffle Rug Pads

You can purchase waffle rug pads online or at large retailers' home furnishings or home improvement sections. Thin pads are often sold precut for common area rug sizes. On hard surfaces, they ensure that rugs stay in place and are easily installed, affordable, and easy to use.

They don't provide much padding, though, and the open grid pattern quickly collects dust and dirt. Some floor finishes can even be damaged by them.

2. Rubberized Shelf Liner

Rugs can be kept from slipping with rubberized shelf liner, the same product that keeps dishes and glasses in place. Similar to a waffle rug pad of a heavier weight, the liner is less expensive but significantly thinner. Unfortunately, the widths are typically only 12 inches. It is possible to tape, sew, or glue together shelf liner strips to make a larger pad.

There is always a risk of damage to floor finishes when shelf liners are used with waffle rug pads.

3. Natural Rubber Pads

The solid grid surfaces of natural rubber pads go well with thin, flat-weave rugs. Because they are made of natural rubber, they are more expensive than waffle-style rug pads, but don't contain any chemicals that can damage floor coverings. The rubber pad provides minimal cushioning, but they are excellent for preventing rug slippage.

4.Gripper Tape

In general, gripper tape has a width of two to three inches and comes on rolls. Directly on the floor, the tape is arranged in a grid so it fits around the edges of the rug. Smaller rugs may be used since it works best on them. You can easily remove the rug to make cleaning easier, and you can reposition the gripper tape from the floor.

5. Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Tapes that are double-sided come in rolls or pre-cut squares. The thickness and adhesive quality of carpet tape can vary. Rugs made of synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, work well with tapes that have acrylic adhesive on both sides.

You should carefully read the instructions for carpet tape before you begin to use it in order to choose the tape that is appropriate for the flooring underneath the rug.

6. Silicone Caulking

Silicone is used in the gripper dots on fuzzy socks, which are used to keep the socks from slipping. Rugs can also be kept in place using the same technique. Caulking made from silicone is available in tubes that are squeezable or tubes that need to be applied with a caulking gun. Several types of formulas are available.

The back of the rug can be treated by applying dots or strips in a grid pattern. Place the silicone on the carpet or floor after it has dried thoroughly.

7. Hot Glue

Hot glue is also an option for preventing slipping on rugs, though it is less durable than silicone caulking. The material will dry more quickly than silicone, but be sure to test the temperature first to ensure it doesn't melt the fibers of your rug.


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