Refreshing Your Room in 2022 With New Rug

Refreshing Your Room in 2022 With New Rug

The bells of 2022 are ringing, a new year always means a fresh start (especially after cleaning up all the mess that is Christmas and the holidays!). But this year, more than ever, we want to freshen up our home to make it cozy, comfortable and a place we'll love to spend time in.

Make 2021 your year by redesigning your entire home - here are a few ideas to freshen up your room in the new year with a new rug.

4 Designer Secrets to Choosing The Perfect Rug

1. A small patterned rug in a large room adds a sense of texture.

The bedroom or living room is too monotonous. Choosing a matching rug can make your room feel cozier and more exquisite. You can choose a small rug with a unique design to decorate your room.

2. A simple patterned rug in a small room can create a sense of surprise and spaciousness.

You can choose large rugs with simple patterns to make your room not look crowded or boring.

3. Warm colors brighten up a dark room.

It is very common to match warm and cold colors.If the floor in your room is gray, you can choose a yellow rug for the entrance to make the room look warmer and brighter.

4. Tweed patterns and textures camouflage wear in high-traffic areas.

A dark intricately patterned rug is the best choice. Such carpets are more resistant to dirt and do not look dirty. If you do not want to clean the carpets, a cheap nylon carpet is the best choice.


 Make your home your own this year. The great stuff doesn’t stop here, of course. Our site has a huge selection of rugs in every style, with new stuff coming in all the time!

Check out our Spring Sale section for even more great options, and check back often to find the perfect rug for your home!

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