Rug Size Guide : How To Choose The Right Rug Size

Rug Size Guide : How To Choose The Right Rug Size

When shopping a new rug online, you should evaluate the size rug you require for your room first. This blog will tell you some tips about the most common area rug sizes, how to choose them, and the best ways to display them .

                     Rug Size and Room Guide Chart





Rug for Bedrooms

Bedroom rugs add so much coziness and comfort – without having all the dust and allergens usually inherent to wall-to-wall broadloom. And they’re just so cozy to roll out of bed and wiggle your toes on in the morning!

Rug Partially Under the Bed

With this area rug choice, the 5x7 4x6 rug will peek out from under the bed, more so at the foot of the bed. Also, the rug won’t extend all the way to the head of the bed and the nightstands will not sit on the rug at all. Turn the rug so that the longer side is parallel to the head and foot of the bed if you have larger than a twin bed in the space.

Rugs Beside the Bed

If you’d like to keep the bedroom area rug budget to a minimum, this option is perfect. You can choose rug size based on the size of your bedroom, perhaps a 3 x 5 rug  or  2x7  runner on each side of the bed.


Rug for Living Room

Choosing the right-size living room rug will bring balance and warmth, creating the perfect finishing touch. It also provides the foundation for your living room, provides comfort underfoot, and helps protect your floors. A correct rug size  can help you get the most out of your your living room.We suggest picking a 5×7 to 4×6 rug for your home.

Rug for Kitchen

Place a kitchen rug in the places where you spend the most time. For most people, this is in front of the sink or stove.

A small 2x3 or 3x5 rug placed in front of the sink or stove provides nice cushion for your feet.

If you have a long narrow kitchen space (think galley style) or simply have a kitchen with a large island dividing the space, a 2x7 runner is a great addition. A kitchen runner is a great option for in front of the sink or stove in a long narrow kitchen. You can also place between kitchen cupboards and island.

Rug for Entryway 

Entryway is one of the first impressions a guest has of your home. Because of that, it’s a space that you want to consider stylistically—but it also needs to be highly functional. Something that helps optimize both the functionality and style of your entryway? An entryway rug.  A doormat is a small rug made to fit directly in front of your front door. They’re typically very durable and less decorative, as they’re primarily used to wipe shoes and catch dirt and moisture so they don’t get tracked into the house. 


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