What are the best rugs for high traffic areas?

What are the best rugs for high traffic areas?

Rugs that get a lot of traffic

In order to protect the look of their carpet in high traffic areas, many people cover them with throw rugs.  Despite that, maintaining rugs in areas with heavy traffic is not always easy.  Though it may seem impossible, keeping your rug looking its best is rather easy.  Rugs can look great in high traffic areas, even with the right care and attention.

Materials to Choose

Selecting the right color for your rug isn't enough.  You'll also want to select a fabric that will last.  Choosing the right rug can have a huge impact on how long it lasts, especially in areas with high traffic.  Take a look at our rug options, and let's choose one that will be durable and able to withstand heavy traffic.

Area rugs best suited for high traffic

Wool, Synthetics 
Nowadays, synthetic rugs are the most popular and versatile, and they do exceptionally well in high traffic spaces - especially if you buy ones designed specifically for those spaces. Synthetics and woven rugs are often at odds with comfort when it comes to durability.
Rugs made of wool are the best option because they are durable and soft. Unlike other carpets, wool is soft and durable. It has a tendency to fade and it absorbs moisture in the air (not good in humid environments).
Types of Rugs that are Best for Low Traffic Areas
Silk, Cotton, Animal Hide, Woven 
Consider fancier decorating rugs for those areas where you aren't constantly walking. Leather, fur, cotton, and silks are generally soft and welcoming, but won't hold up to a lot of foot traffic. Also, they're more difficult to clean (you'll need experts for this task). Turf and seagrass are moisture-sensitive and deteriorate quickly.

Make Sure Your Rugs Are Protected in Advance

Reducing the amount of dirt and moisture entering a home is one of the best ways to protect rugs.  You can protect your entryway from dirt by using walk-off mats at your entrances.  Maintaining your rugs clean through this simple precaution can be extremely effective. It may even be a good idea to remove your shoes at the entrance to your home to prevent soil from getting in.  Make it simpler to clean your rugs by having a professional stain protector applied to them.

Regularly vacuum

Especially in high traffic areas, vacuuming your carpets and rugs frequently is crucial to keeping them in good condition.  Vacuuming prevents dirt from getting embedded into the fabric. In areas that experience heavy traffic, vacuuming should be performed more often.  Keeping dirt and soil at a minimum may even require vacuuming daily.

Footprints and spills should be cleaned immediately

Spills, accidents, and muddy prints are more likely to occur in areas with a lot of traffic.  Take immediate action to remove them when this occurs.  The stain can be removed by applying stain remover or by dabbing it up.  Take action as soon as possible to prevent the spill from soaking into the rug and leaving a stain.In high traffic areas, it is important to maintain rugs and carpets regularly and use efficient cleaning methods.  Be careful when choosing rugs, and keep them in good condition.  
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