4 Tips for Buying an Ideal Entryway Rugs

4 Tips for Buying an Ideal Entryway Rugs

Whatever you call it, the space between your outdoors and home isn't often easy to decorate. It can be an entryway, a walkway, or an entry hall. When purchasing rugs, you must consider not only the basic functions, but also the style of your home...and tastefully blend the two.

It doesn't have to be expensive to find an entry rug you love. Even if an interior designer is out of your budget, you can still pull together a beautiful space on your own. By following a few simple buying tips, you can buy a scatter rug that matches your taste and looks nice without spending a fortune.

Tip 1: Choose the affordable ones

Maybe you have pets or kids and want a beautiful rug that doesn't cost a fortune. The rug you need for your entryway is affordable yet does its job well.

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Tip 2: Pick the right thickness

Make sure the thickness is perfect in that the front door in your entry can open and close without getting stuck on the rug.

Thin enough that the door doesn't drag it  and thick enough to be durable.

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Tip 3: Easy to clean & durable

As an area where it will get rain, snow, dust, etc as people enter the house. Try to choose those that are very low profile which makes them very easy to clean. Durable- you need something long enough to protect a large high traffic area, but also want something that isn't so expensive that I would feel bad getting rid of it in a year.

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Tip 4: Darker to hide the dirt

As an entryway,  dirt gets tracked in on a regular basis. So knowing this, the rugs you need should be darker enough to hide the dirt.

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